Wedig and Carlson Retire

audra | May 20, 2014

“Do you remember having purple hands? I do.” Lynette Wedig recalls a vivid memory from her public school teaching days. She retired from Texas public schools after teaching math for 23 years. NMSU-A snatched her from this interim retirement to first work as a Writing Center tutor, but her service here grew exponentially as she was recruited as a Workforce Trainer, GED instructor, Math Lab instructor, Title V Academic Program Specialist, Adjunct instructor (math, English, & Education), Interim Director of ASC and AE programs while also working as a college instructor. All the while, in her “spare” moments, Lynette served on more committees than we can count! Her thoughts now are of reading more books, playing more music, and visiting grandchildren.

Stan Carlson came to NMSU-A in 2008 when he was hired as the Division Head for MSBT/MESH, a position he held for 3.5 years. His prior experience included several years with the Grants campus where he helped write a Title V grant that was funded in 2002, was promoted to Associate Professor in 2006, served two years as Interim Campus Academic Officer, and won the 2008 Roush teaching award. Before moving to New Mexico, he spent eight years with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game as a Biological Statistician. (He moved to New Mexico to thaw!) While at NMSU-A, he co-authored the STEM Grant proposal and served one year as the Grant Director. He earned Professor rank in 2012 and then served 1.5 years as a regular faculty member until his recent retirement.

All of us at NMSU-A wish you both much happiness in your retirement!

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