A Student Success Story – Jerry Kimmel

audra | June 26, 2014

“You can make it work for you if you try…this is what happens with a little determination.” Jerry Kimmel is now employed by Universal Hospital Services at GCRMC and is a successful Bio Medical technician.

Flashback: December 2008, Jerry moves his family back to Alamogordo from Austin, TX and takes a job as a civilian contractor at White Sands Missile Range. Jerry advances quickly in his position and receives many complements for his abilities and accomplishments. However, after only a few months, the civilian contract is dropped and Jerry is soon to be out of work. “…all the kudos in the world don’t put food on the table.”

Flash forward: Using the Vocational Rehabilitation GI bill program, Jerry begins working on an ET degree at NMSU-A in the spring of 2010. Discussions with instructor, Steve Holmes, leads Jerry to take on a double major, adding Bio Medical to his schedule. Completing his General Studies degree in December of 2012, Jerry goes on to earn his Bio Med degree in May of 2013 and is named one of three Outstanding Graduates.

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