NMSU-A’s 2014 Staff Award Winners

audra | August 22, 2014 | Comments (0)

Teresa Provencio was selected for this year’s non-exempt staff award. She has been with NMSU-A for 16 years, and is always helpful, friendly, courteous, and professional. She serves on committees and attends training sessions to make sure she’s informed on new developments. She arrives early and gets everything up and running so students can come in starting at 7:45 am. She is currently the only person who catalogs all library materials. She is truly committed to her duties and a great asset to NMSU-A.

Sara Cerra was selected for this year’s exempt staff award. When faced with a task list, she analyzes it but does not judge it. She makes an objective decision based upon the resources available and returns a product promptly, without strings attached. She works hard to keep a positive attitude and evaluates herself objectively. She knows her limits, but tries to beat them anyway.

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