New Mexico State University Alamogordo Thirty-Seventh Annual Graduation Ceremony May 9, 2014

audra | May 16, 2014

NMSU-A’s New VP for Academic Affairs.

NMSU-A Web Developer | May 12, 2014

NMSU-A welcomes the new VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ryan Carstens. Dr. Carstens comes to us from Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, UT and brings to the position 30 years of experience in leadership and administration in higher education in various campus environments – multi-campus, single campus, rural, suburban, ethnically diverse downtown campuses, and colleges in larger (and smaller) cities.

“I learned of the VP position at NMSU-A through the Chronicle of Higher Education and other sources that list these types of job opportunities. The opportunities here in Alamogordo appealed to both my wife and me. I’ve found over the years that I enjoy the community connection in a smaller place; it’s the quality of life and quality of job, too. Community colleges play a very important role in rural America, and Alamogordo, New Mexico was attractive.”

“Most of my career, I’ve worked in ‘systems’ like the NMSU system so I’m familiar with the ins and outs of working at a college that is part of a system. I like the smaller size institution and come to you thinking of the different opportunities we have to move forward. People know each other; it’s more personal, more like a family, providing a circle we can work with a lot.”

Dr. Carstens’ vision for NMSU-A is somewhat abstract (his word) at this point but focuses on building a culture that improves our ability to meet students’ expectations and their ability to succeed. “My hope is that we will be able to work with faculty to articulate where our next horizon is.”

Graduation Photography

NMSU-A Web Developer | May 7, 2014

League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is sponsoring photography services for graduation, please see the attached flyer!

Free Burritos by Campus Christian Fellowship

NMSU-A Web Developer | May 7, 2014

See the following flyer!

NMSU-A Outstanding Graduates!

NMSU-A Web Developer | May 5, 2014

NMSU Alamogordo’s Outstanding Graduates for 2014 are: Lindsey Cox from the MESH (Math, Engineering, Sciences, & Health) Division, Bill Hanna from the HSSE (Humanities, Social Sciences, Education) Division, and Alaric Kimmel from the ProTech (Professional Occupations & Technologies) Division.

Lindsey is a Nursing major and graduates from NMSU-A this Friday as a Crimson Scholar, Dean’s List, and Meritorious Graduate. She has been an active member of PTK and the Student Nursing Association Senator to Student Government. She is also active with volunteer work like the Bataan Memorial Death March, organizing campus blood drives, and community health events.

Bill has been extremely active with many student organizations like Student Government, SVA, PTK, ACE, and the Social Science Club and is the “go to” man for organizing student events, including fund raisers. He is currently working on re-writing the Student Government constitution.

Alaric’s academic accomplishments are incredible. This Friday, he will have earned Associate Degrees in Biomedical Equipment Technology, Electronics Technology, Information Technology, and Science. A member of PTK, he is also on the Dean’s List, a Crimson Scholar, and a Gold Cord Graduate.

Call for proposals for ‘Home Grown New Mexico”

NMSU-A Web Developer | May 5, 2014

The Community Colleges of New Mexico State University Round Up “Home Grown New Mexico” will be held Sept. 12-13 at New Mexico State University Alamogordo. All NMSU staff and faculty are invited to submit proposals for presentations, panel discussions, and demonstration workshops clustered around the conference theme of “Home Grown,” celebrating what we do in pedagogy, assessment, recruitment and retention, research and shared governance.

Presentation proposal forms are available at the Roundup Webpage http://nmsua.edu/roundup/. If your proposal is accepted, you must register for the conference. Proposals are due by Friday, Aug. 1. Review of submissions begins July 1. Submitters will be notified by email of the committee’s decision by Aug. 7.

AngelOrGhost Light Concert at NMSU Alamogordo

NMSU-A Web Developer | May 1, 2014

The following performance was done to benefit a scholarship program. The event took place at the Rohovec Theater at NMSU Alamogordo

Special thanks to the following individuals,

  • Connie Breding
  • Alice flicke
  • Ann Bagby
  • Gavin Kainulainen
  • Hanah Shields
  • Joanne Gronewold
  • Judith Havenith
  • Katrarina Lettenmeier
  • Katrin Havenith
  • Lisa Marie Schlereth
  • Mariah Hernandez
  • Michael Carrillo
  • Rich Gill
  • Warren Spearman
  • Olivia Budak
  • Ana Sepulveda
  • Sarah Lettnmeier

    For more information about AngelOrGhost please see the following archived posting: http://nmsua.edu/theater/2013/03/06/concert-on-the-hill-march-9th-730-pm-and-10th-200-pm/

    Spring 2014 Graduation Press Release

    NMSU-A Web Developer | May 1, 2014

    New Mexico State University Alamogordo will hold the Thirty-Seventh Annual Graduation Ceremony at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, May 9, 2014 at the NMSU Alamogordo Tays Center, 2400 N. Scenic Drive, Alamogordo, New Mexico. Graduates from summer 2013, fall 2013, and candidates for spring 2014 are invited to participate in the event. Graduation ceremonies are open to the public.

    Dr. George Straface, Superintendent of Alamogordo Public Schools and City Commissioner for District 6 will be the Commencement Speaker. Dr. Gregory Fant, Associate Vice President and Deputy Provost, New Mexico State University, will confer the degrees.

    There are 210 individuals receiving 237 degrees and certificates. The graduates attending the ceremony will be receiving degrees in 3D Computer Animation, Arts, Automotive and Hybrid Technology, Biomedical Electronics Technology, Business Office Technology, Criminal Justice, Digital Graphic Technology, Early Childhood Education, Education, Electronics Technology, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Information Technology, Nursing, Occupational Business, Paralegal Studies, Pre-Business, Science, and Social Services.

    Graduates, who are receiving their Bachelor of Science Degrees in Elementary Education, through the Distance Learning program at New Mexico State University, and four certificate recipients (Graphic Design, Paralegal Studies, Photographic Trades) will also be participating in this year’s graduation ceremony.

    Spring 2014 Graduation Ceremony Instructions

    NMSU-A Web Developer | April 29, 2014


    1. ARRIVAL: Please report to the lobby of the NMSU-A Tays Center with your cap and gown on, and your tassel hanging over the right side of your cap, no later than 6:30 pm on Friday, May 9, 2014. Certificate Recipients: Please also have your cap and gown on when you check in at 6:30 pm. We ask that you arrive at this time to allow sufficient time to check in and line up in proper order. There will be no rehearsal.
    Tickets are not required. Please invite family and friends. If you have family and guests coming, please encourage them to arrive before 6:45 pm. Staff members will direct them when they arrive. Please have family members or guests hold your purse or other valuables.

    2. CHECK-IN: Once you enter the building, you need to go immediately to the check-in table. You will check in alphabetically: A-L and M-Z. There you will receive an index card showing your name as it
    will be announced during the program. If you are receiving more than one degree or certificate, this card will list all degrees you are receiving. Once you check-in, please do not leave the area.

    3. LINE-UP: You will be directed to the Music Room to line up. Once in the correct line, please check the lower right hand corner of your index card for your number which indicates your order in line. Staff members will be available to help if you have questions.

    4. PROCESSIONAL: Please follow the person in front of you. The student marshal (wearing a red gown/red honor stole) will lead graduates in. You will then be directed to your row. Continue down the row to your seat. Do not leave an empty chair beside you. Remain standing. You will be instructed when to be seated.

    5. TASSEL: Everyone will be asked to switch the tassel from the right side of the cap to the left side when your degree is conferred.

    6. RECEIVING YOUR DIPLOMA: You will follow the student marshal (dressed in red/red honor stole) to the stage stairs facing you. There you will step up the stairs, hand your index card to the announcer,
    and wait until your name is called before you start to walk across the stage to shake hands, etc. After you have received your “diploma”, exit down the next set of stage stairs, and go back to your chair and sit down.

    7. RECESSIONAL: When the ceremony is over, the student marshal will lead the last row out first. All other rows will follow the row in front of them. Please do not stop until you are completely out of the gym.

    8. GOLD CORD GRADUATES/BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN EDUCATION HONOR GRADS: All Gold Cord and Honor Graduates please come to the check-in table to receive your certificate after the ceremony.
    The official diplomas will be mailed from New Mexico State University, Las Cruces. Spring 2014 graduates should receive their diplomas no later than July 1, 2014.

    Rohovec Theatre Presents: Tales of Trickery

    NMSU-A Web Developer | April 24, 2014

    Tales of Trickery, exotic Indonesian masked theatre suitable for all ages, will be presented at the Rohovec Theatre on May 2, 3 & 4. The show starts at 7:30 pm on Friday and Saturday and the Sunday matinee starts at 2 pm. Admission for adults is $8 and admission for children is $3. For more information, call 439-3670.