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Quality Delivery


Quality Delivery

We understands that delivery is as important as design! With that in mind all, faculty teaching online or hybrid courses go through training focused on online course delivery. The college has also adopted research based online delivery standards written by our faculty. Our faculty members who follow these delivery standards will be more effective in utilizing a well-designed course.

All online and hybrid faculty members are expected to adhere to these delivery standards.

NMSU-A Online Delivery Standards

The Instructor actively participates or demonstrates his/her presence in the course on a consistent, weekly basis. The desire is for faculty to model engagement expected of students. Students are more successful when they actively participate in any course. When students see ways in which the instructor is engaging with students, they are more likely to engage with the instructor and their peers. These expectations help create an interactive environment like the one found in a face-to-face course.

In order to achieve this best practice, the instructor will:

*Short-term course would include any course 8 weeks or less.