Online Classes

NMSU-A offers a wide variety of online classes!  This page links to listings of all available courses at NMSU-A that can be taken completely online (except where individually noted below) through Canvas, our course management software. Unless otherwise noted, go to to begin these online classes. Note that online classes are also listed in the overall or the Spring 2014 Class Schedule. Fall 2012 class schedule changes are available to view on the Addendum page.

Spring 2014

  • 1st 8-Weeks: JANUARY 16 – MARCH 10
  • 2nd 8-Weeks: MARCH 11 – MAY 9
  • 16-Weeks: JANUARY 16 – MAY 9
20518ACCT200A203A SURVEY OF ACCTA Survey of Accounting
30275ACCT221A203FINANCIAL ACCOUNTINGFinancial Accounting
30272ACCT221A703FINANCIAL ACCOUNTINGFinancial Accounting
29498AHS120A203MEDICAL TERMINOLOGYMedical Terminology
29499AHS120A213MEDICAL TERMINOLOGYMedical Terminology
30924AHS202A203LGL/ETHCL HLTH CARELegal and Ethical Issues in Health Care
20527ART101GA203ORIENTATION IN ARTOrientation in Art
20540ART101GA213ORIENTATION IN ARTOrientation in Art
20544ART101GA223ORIENTATION IN ARTOrientation in Art
20625ART295GA503INTRO TO ART HIST IIntroduction to Art History I
20629ART296GA703INTRO TO ART HIST IIIntroduction to Art History II
30650ART296GA713INTRO TO ART HIST IIIntroduction to Art History II
23315ASTR105GA204THE PLANETSThe Planets
23317ASTR105GA214THE PLANETSThe Planets
23321ASTR105GA224THE PLANETSThe Planets
23326ASTR105GA244THE PLANETSThe Planets
31784ASTR105GA704THE PLANETSThe Planets
23330ASTR110GA204INTRDN TO ASTRONOMYIntroduction to Astronomy
23332ASTR110GA214INTRDN TO ASTRONOMYIntroduction to Astronomy
23334ASTR110GA224INTRDN TO ASTRONOMYIntroduction to Astronomy
20642B A104A203INTRDN TO BUSINESSIntroduction to Business
23526BIOL101GA203HUMAN BIOLOGYHuman Biology
30547BIOL101GA213HUMAN BIOLOGYHuman Biology
23541BIOL101GLA201HUMAN BIOLOGY LABHuman Biology Laboratory
30549BIOL101GLA211HUMAN BIOLOGY LABHuman Biology Laboratory
30550BIOL110GA204CNTMPRY PRBLM IN BIOLContemporary Problems in Biology
23553BIOL111GA203NAT HISTORY OF LIFENatural History of Life
31782BIOL111GA703NAT HISTORY OF LIFENatural History of Life
23574BIOL111GLA201NAT HIST LIFE LABNatural History of Life Laboratory
31783BIOL111GLA701NAT HIST LIFE LABNatural History of Life Laboratory
23586BIOL211GA203CELL & ORG BIOLCellular and Organismal Biology
23596BIOL211GLA201CELL/ORG BIOL LABCellular and Organismal Biology Laboratory
23621BIOL226A204HUMAN ANATOMY/PHYS IIHuman Anatomy and Physiology II
30651BLAW230A703BUSINESS LAWBusiness Law
20675BMGT110A203INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESSIntroduction to Business
20678BMGT216A203BUSINESS MATHBusiness Math
20691BOT101A503KEYBOARDING BASICSKeyboarding Basics
20692BOT102A703KEYBRDNG BASICS DOC FORMTNKeyboarding: Document Formatting
20693BOT106A203BUSINESS MATHEMATICSBusiness Mathematics
20695BOT202A503KEYBRDNG DOCMNT PRODCTNKeyboarding Document Production
30784BOT203A203OFFICE EQPMT/PRCDRS IOffice Equipment and Procedures I
30786BOT207A703MACHINE TRANSCRIPTIONMachine Transcription
20712BOT213A203WORD PROCESSING IWord Processing I
20713BOT214A703WORD PROCESSING IIWord Processing II
28642BUSA111A203BUS IN GLOBAL SOCIETYBusiness in a Global Society
21544C EP110GA203HUMAN GROWTH/BEHAVIORHuman Growth and Behavior
21556C EP210A203EDUCATIONAL PSYEducational Psychology
29130C J101GA203INTRO CRIMINAL JUSTICEIntroduction to Criminal Justice
29131C J199A703SPECIAL TOPICS-C JSpecial Topics in Criminal Justice 1
21697C J210A703AMER LAW ENFRCMT SYTMThe American Law Enforcement System
29132C J230A203INTRN TO CORRECTIONSIntroduction to Corrections
20730C S110A203COMPUTER LITERACYComputer Literacy
20735C S110A213COMPUTER LITERACYComputer Literacy
28646C S110A703COMPUTER LITERACYComputer Literacy
23255CCDM103 NA204PREALGEBRAPre-Algebra
23268CCDM114 NA204ALGEBRA SKILLSAlgebra Skills
23269CCDM114 NA214ALGEBRA SKILLSAlgebra Skills
23378CHEM110GA204PRINC & APPL OF CHEMPrinciples and Applications of Chemistry
30790CMT130A203WEB DESIGN IIntroduction to Web Design
21816COLL101A203COLLEGE/LIFE SUCCESSCollege/Life Success
30490COLL111A201-3ACAD SKILLS MATHAcademic Skills for Mathematics
30491COLL111A701-3ACAD SKILLS MATHAcademic Skills for Mathematics
30493COMM265GA033PRNCPLS-HUMAN CMNCTNPrinciples of Human Communication
23390E S110GA204INTRO ENVIRON SCIIntroductory Environmental Science
30615E S110GA214INTRO ENVIRON SCIIntroductory Environmental Science
29516E T125A203INTRO TO RENEWABLE ENERGYIntroduction to Renewable Energy
31705E T230A701INTRO TO SERVO SYSTEMSIntroduction to Servo Systems
28677E T284A203SOFTWARE PC MAINTENANCESoftware PC Maintenance
20902E T286A203FUNDAMNTLS OF SECURITYFundamentals of Security
31595E T290A213NETWORK WIRELESS COMMNetworking Wireless Communication
21859ECED115A203CHLD GWTH, DEV & LRNGChild Growth, Development, and Learning
21861ECED125A202HEALTH,SAFETY & NUTRHealth, Safety, and Nutrition
20912ECON201GA203INTRN TO ECONOMICSIntroduction to Economics
20917ECON251GA203PRNCPLS OF MACROECONSPrinciples of Macroeconomics
20927ECON252GA703PRNCPLS OF MICROECONSPrinciples of Microeconomics
21866EDUC181A201FIELD EXPERIENCE IField Experience I
21867EMD101A201FRESHMAN ORIENTATIONFreshman Orientation
21883ENGL111GA204RHETORIC/COMPOSITIONRhetoric and Composition
21894ENGL218GA203TCHNCL & SCNTFC CMNCTNTechnical and Scientific Communication
30618FWCE110A203INTRO NAT RESOURCE MGTIntroduction to Natural Resources Management
21898GEOG112GA203WORLD REGIONAL GEOGWorld Regional Geography
23403GEOL111GA214SURVEY OF GEOLOGYSurvey of Geology
29224GEOL111GA234SURVEY OF GEOLOGYSurvey of Geology
31814GEOL111GA704SURVEY OF GEOLOGYSurvey of Geology
21933GER111A204ELEMENTARY GERMAN IElementary German I
21935GER112A204ELEMENTARY GERMAN IIElementary German II
21937GER212A203INTERMED GERMAN IIIntermediate German II
21939GOVT100GA203AMER NATIONAL GOVTAmerican National Government
21943HIST102GA203MODERN EUROPEModern Europe
30046HIST102GA213MODERN EUROPEModern Europe
30498HIST102GA223MODERN EUROPEModern Europe
31754HIST102GA233MODERN EUROPEModern Europe
23633HL S150GA203PERSONAL HLTH & WELLNESSPersonal Health and Wellness
23636HNDS251A203HUMAN NUTRITIONHuman Nutrition
23639HNDS251A213HUMAN NUTRITIONHuman Nutrition
23282MATH120A203INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRAIntermediate Algebra
23283MATH120A213INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRAIntermediate Algebra
27821MATH120A223INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRAIntermediate Algebra
23287MATH121GA203COLLEGE ALGEBRACollege Algebra
26214MATH121GA213COLLEGE ALGEBRACollege Algebra
23288MATH142GA203BUS/BIOL CALCULUS ICalculus for the Biological and Management Sciences I
26215MATH190GA204TRIG AND PRE-CALCULUSTrigonometry and Precalculus
23292MATH210GA203MATH APPRECIATIONMathematics Appreciation
28679MGT201A203INTRDN TO MANAGEMENTIntroduction to Management
20983MUS101GA203AN INTRDN TO MUSICAn Introduction to Music
20984MUS101GA503AN INTRDN TO MUSICAn Introduction to Music
20985MUS101GA703AN INTRDN TO MUSICAn Introduction to Music
29519OEBM211A201CBET EXAM PREPCBET Exam Preparation
30859OECS110A701INTRO TO POWERPOINTIntroduction to Power Point
21097OECS125A203OPERATING SYSTEMSOperating Systems
23300PHYS110GA204GREAT IDEAS PHYSICSThe Great Ideas of Physics
23305PHYS211GA203GENERAL PHYSGeneral Physics I
23308PHYS211GLA201GEN PHYSICS I LABGeneral Physics I Laboratory
23311PHYS212GA203GENERAL PHYSICS IIGeneral Physics II
30515PL S180A703CNSTNAL LAW PARALEGALConstitutional Law for the Paralegal
29177PL S200A702LGL ETHICS FOR PARALEGALLegal Ethics for the Paralegal
30521PL S276A703WLS,TRSTS,PBTE PARALEGALWills, Trusts, and Probate for the Paralegal
29182PL S277A703FMLY LAW PARALEGALFamily Law for the Paralegal
30522PL S278A503LITIGATION - PARALEGALLitigation for the Paralegal
22820PSY201GA203INTRDN-PSYCHOLOGYIntroduction to Psychology
31689SPAN111A204ELEMENTARY SPANISH IElementary Spanish I
23063SPAN111A504ELEMENTARY SPANISH IElementary Spanish I
23066SPAN112A704ELEMENTARY SPANISH IIElementary Spanish II
29209SPAN211A503INTRMED SPANISH IIntermediate Spanish I
29210SPAN212A703INTRMED SPANISH IIIntermediate Spanish II
23295STAT251GA203STAT-BSN/BHVRL SCNCSStatistics for Business and the Behavioral Sciences
31639STAT251GA213STAT-BSN/BHVRL SCNCSStatistics for Business and the Behavioral Sciences
21498THTR101GA203WORLD OF THEATREThe World of Theater
21499THTR101GA213WORLD OF THEATREThe World of Theater
30543W S201GA203INTRO TO WOMEN'S STUDIESIntroduction to Women s Studies