Choosing Your Degree Continued

It can be a difficult and confusing process choosing a area of study. That’s why there are specific campus resources designed to help. Many times the process begins with getting to know yourself better, then finding a career and major that matches you. Computer-based career tests through our career counselors are a good place to start. These resources will help you decide:

Seek career advising in the NMSU-A Career Services, in Student Services (575) 439-3720

Discuss degrees with an academic advisor at the NMSU-A Advising Center in Student Services (575) 439-3720.

Discuss a degree with a NMSU-A faculty member who teaches in your area of interest.

Explore a Degree Audit

Your academic advisor will introduce you to the STAR Degree Audit system. This system shows what you have completed and what you still need to graduate in a particular major. The login website is and is accessible using the same login ID and password as your account. Your advisor will show you how to use this valuable advising tool.

Degree requirements can also be found in the NMSU-A Catalog and on degree plans available through your academic advisor.