Create A Account

Once you are fully admitted, one of the first steps is to create a account, which includes creating an NMSU email address. Through this web account, you’ll be able to conduct lots of business with NMSU-A. You can:

  1. Send and receive email via your NMSU email address
  2. View the schedule of classes
  3. Register for classes
  4. Check your Financial Aid status
  5. Pay for your classes
  6. Check your grades
  • And much more!

To activate your account, simply go to and carefully follow the instructions to create your account. If you need help, your academic advisor will be able to help you complete this step. Your advisor will also show you how to use your account to register for classes.

Now that you’re fully admitted, have the placement test, and created your account, it’s time to meet with your advisor! Call the NMSU-A Academic Advising Center at (575) 439-3720 to speak with your advisor after the online orientation.

Get a Student ID Card

You are required to have a Student ID card, which has your picture and your NMSU ID number on it, to identify yourself at various campus offices. The card is also used for checking out books at the library and access to computer labs.

NMSU-A issues ID cards at the Admissions Office in the Student Services Building, (575) 439-3700.

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