Registering for Classes

After advising, you will be coached on how to register for classes online using your account. Simply follow the process screen by screen. It’s easy.

How to Register

Registering for courses at NMSU-A is an easy process that you as a student can do at your convenience via your account.

Occasionally, because of technical issues, you will need to work with your academic advisor to get manually registered for a class. This process requires the correct add slip and an advisor’s signature. Add slips can be processed at the NMSU-A Admissions Counter in Student Services.

Likewise, you can use your account to drop courses online through a certain date of the semester. The deadlines for adding, dropping and withdrawing from school as well as a lot of other essential information are published in the Schedule of Classes each semester. It is a good idea to keep a print copy of the Schedule of Classes to reference important dates and information as needed.

Changes in Registration: Adding and Dropping Courses

Registration changes may be processed only in accordance with university regulations and with appropriate signatures. If a student decides to stop attending a course, it is the responsibility of the student to initiate official withdrawal from the course and to obtain all necessary signatures on the add/drop form. Failure to do so could result in failing grades. Forms may be obtained from the studentís academic advisor or the Admission’s Office. Completed forms must be processed by the staff in the Admissions’s Office. Courses may not be added or dropped after the cutoff date indicated in the official academic calendar. Refunds of tuition and fees will be made according to the percentages listed in the current Class Schedule.

Adding a Course

The deadline for adding courses during a given term is listed in the corresponding Class Schedule.

Students desiring to add a course to their current registration schedule should do so in consultation with their academic advisor. If the desired course is still open, the student and advisor will complete an add/drop form. If the course is closed, the student will need the instructorís permission and signature on the add/drop form.
Once the add/drop form has been completed and all necessary signatures have been obtained, the student takes the completed form to the Registration Office for processing. The Registration Office will provide the student with a revised registration schedule, which the student should review immediately to ensure there are no inaccuracies. Any errors found in the class codes, class title, room/building numbers or credits should be reported immediately.

Dropping a Course

The process for dropping a course is similar to the process for adding a course. The student must consult with the academic advisor and prepare an add/drop form, obtaining all required signatures. When a student officially drops a course, the W grade is assigned as follows:

  1. No grade is assigned during the registration period.
  2. A W grade is assigned to any student who officially drops a course between the end of registration and the midpoint of the semester. A student may not withdraw from courses after this deadline, unless the student officially withdraws from NMSU-A.
  3. Officially withdrawing completely from NMSU-A is equivalent to dropping all classes, and therefore a grade of W will be recorded for all classes attempted. The deadline for withdrawing completely is listed in the current Schedule of Classes.

NOTE: A student found to be insufficiently prepared for a particular course may be transferred to a more elementary course in the same field anytime before the last day to officially withdraw from an individual course. Anyone attending under the Veterans Educational Assistance Program should notify the Veterans Office in Financial Aid in Student Services when dropping or adding courses, as such changes could cause a reduction in the benefits received.

Essential Details

After registering for courses, make sure you take care of the following details:

Pay for Classes

You should make a 10% down payment for your courses. There is a complete payment schedule printed on your official registration document. Payments may be made through the account or in person at the NMSU-A Business Office, Classroom Building, Room 304, (575) 439-3603.

Get your Books

It’s a great idea to buy your books a few days ahead of the semester beginning to get a jump start on the class. Remember to save your receipts in case you need to return the book. The NMSU-A Bookstore is located on the 1st floor of the Student Services Building, (575) 439-3609.

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