Psychology is one of the core courses at NMSU-A, with the introductory course available both online and onsite.

Currently, we offer three listings for the introductory course at the NMSU-A campus in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings, a class available at Holloman Air Force Base, and four sections of the course online each long semester.  The summer offerings vary, but we usually have online and/or onsite classes during both semesters.

In addition, we offer PSY 266, Applied Psychology, online once a year.  Occasionally, we offer special topics classes.

In addition to being interesting (and usually, required), Psychology courses are useful in real life.  Our Psychology faculty members are student friendly, professional, and down to Earth.  Come try us out.

Classes Offered

  • See the Class Schedule to find out which classes are currently being offered. The abbreviation for Psychology is “PSY”.
  • See the Course Descriptions for a listing of all Psychology classes that may be offered at NMSU-A in any given semester.

Degrees & Certificates