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If you are looking for a ride share or baby sitting, please comment with your email and a brief description on what you need. If you can provide a ride or baby sitting service, please comment with your email and a brief description on what you can provide. These are just examples, so other services can be offered/provided to fellow students.

Comments (1)

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  1. Ashley Johnson says:

    Math Tutor for Hire!!

    I’m a student at NMSU, I will graduate this December, majoring in Aerospace Engineering, and I’m looking for part time work to supplement my income from my full time job.

    A little background on my qualifications – I have experience tutoring peers for NMSU math placement exams. I used to work in the Student Success Center in Zuhl, and I’ve been enthusiastic about math since middle school. I can tutor anything from basic algebra on up to differential equations and I received As and Bs in all my college math classes. Besides the course completed in the math department, almost all of the courses in my engineering curriculum were/are extremely math intensive. I have my own textbooks for reference to aide students with.

    I’m asking $14/ hour and advertise a free consultation meeting to see if tutoring from me would be beneficial.


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