Student Organizations

student organizationsWelcome to the Associated Student Organizations of New Mexico State University at Alamogordo. NMSU-A has a diverse group of student organizations which serve to enrich and enhance the social, cultural, spiritual, and civic lives of our students.

For more information concerning the following student organizations, contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Success at 439-3716.

Advocates for Children and Education (ACE) was chartered in 2009. The organization’s purpose is to further professional interest in education, and to strengthen student and professional training through experience outside the classroom, and in the local community. All current NMSU and NMSU-A students interested in educational issues are welcome. There are also honorary memberships for alumni.
Advisors: Joyce Hill and Karen Reid

The Alpha Nu Beta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) was chartered in 1986 and is a growing academic honorary organization on the NMSU-A campus. Students who meet the minimum eligibility criteria may be invited to become members. To be eligible for membership, a student must carry a grade point average of 3.5 or above, must be currently enrolled at NMSU-A, and must demonstrate leadership qualities.
Advisors: Matthew Placencio and Jim Gallagher

Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF) is open to all students, faculty, and staff who desire to share their faith and beliefs in Jesus Christ. The group provides encouragement and spiritual growth, as well as opportunities for discussion of topics on various Bible themes. Meetings consist of prayer, sharing of prayer requests, and the study of topics that affect the Christian in his or her day-to-day walk.
Advisors: Janet Delgado and Karla Kay Flowers

Chess Club The purpose of the club is to promote chess on the NMSU-A campus by conducting chess games and tournaments with members and other chess clubs, schools, and chess association throughout New Mexico whose aim is to broaden and develop chess as an educational and cultural art as a non-profit endeavor.
Advisors: Ann French and Tony Wedig

Culinary Arts (CAC) The Culinary arts Club was chartered in 2012. The purpose of the club is to learn about the safe preparation of all foods and to explore the culinary cultures of the world. The group also wants to encourage better nutrition while exploring a broader palette of flavors and better methods of food preparation. Through food comes sharing of culture and values.

Journalism Club Open to interested students who would like to help write, edit and publish the campus student newsletter: The Crimson Gazette. Contact us at
Advisors: Kathy Roark-Diehl and Jim Gallagher

League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) was charted in 2013. The primary purpose of the student organization is o encourage education completion and graduation, Other purposes include the promotion of Hispanic cultural arts, music, and history; practice parliamentary procedure; and o promote within the Alamogordo community the education programs of NMSU-A.
Advisors: Juan Garcia

Native American Student Group (NASG) Membership includes Native American as well as non-Native American students, faculty and staff. The organization strives to foster and promote a greater understanding of the Native American community within the academic environment, and to educate people about Native American cultural traditions.

Student Nurses Association (SNA) purpose is to contribute to nursing education in order to provide the highest quality of health care possible through the providing of programs which represent the fundamental interests and concerns of quality health care, as well as to aid in the development of the whole person — including the professional role and responsibility for the health care of people in all walks of life.
Advisors: Karen Sadowski

Social Science Club (SSC) was founded in 1998 and invites all students interested in the social sciences to join. Along with discussions about how the social sciences can work for everyone, two or more field trips are taken each semester to local archaeological and historical sites, places of interest, such as the Save the Chimps Foundation or local group meetings (e.g. NAACP), and occasionally to places just to have fun (IMAX Theater). This club sponsors campus recycling projects and is interested in environmental as well as social concerns.
Advisors: Bill Lockhart and Wanda Wakkinen

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Club (STEM) The organization was chartered in 2012. The purpose is to facilitate opportunities for current STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) students in the fields of academic support, student success, and professional development. As well as incorporating community and student body groups alike for the exploration of technological endeavors and expanding the communal perspective in regards to the integration of services with technology and scientific research.
Advisor: Maria Ester Gonzalez

Student Media Solutions (SMS) is a multi-media art organization at NMSUA. SMS members are given many different opportunities to develop and share their art throughout NMSUA and our community. SMS members get the opportunity to gain real-world experience in their fields before graduating. Student Media Solutions strives to think outside the box and celebrate the unique artistic point of view of each of our members. SMS members are photographers, painters, graphic designers, animators, fine artists, videographers, and editors. SMS does not charge dues, and all students are welcome to join.
Advisors: John Adams, James Scharmack, Dr. Catherine O’Neill Armendarez and Will Bartlett

Student Veterans of America-Alamogordo (SVAA) has the purpose to organize full time and part time students of this campus who have served or are currently serving in any of the Armed Forces. Also, help build and maintain morale through social and academic activities on campus and in the community. Spouses and dependents of current or past Armed Forces members are welcome.
Advisors: Gary Bond and Greg Hillis

The Student Government (NMSU-ASG)The NMSU-A Student Government is the recognized student governing organization that supervises and appropriates all student activity funds, coordinates intramural programs, and provides social programs. This group represents the student body of NMSU-A for decisions impacting quality of student life. Membership is inclusive, and requires that students be enrolled in the NMSU system including, but not limited to, concurrent/dual credit students, online students, distance education/bachelors programs, and graduate students. Members must attend classes delivered through the NMSU-Alamogordo campus. NMSU-A Student Government members must be in good academic standing. The student government is structured to include a minimum of nine senators comprised of one senator from each chartered student organizations, and five at-large senators elected by campus-wide election. In the event there are too few senators from student groups to meet the required nine, the shortfall will be filled by at-large senators. Officers are elected from and by the currently elected senate members. The election process is overseen by the Vice President for Student Success.
Advisors: Dr. Catherine O’Neill Armendarez, Judy Garcia, and Jary Rupe

Students interested in reviving any of the inactive student groups on campus or creating a new student organization should contact the Vice President for Student Services in Student Services Building, Room 203 or call 575-439-3716.