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New Students

Accessibility Services Department

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New Students

If a student wants to arrange for services and make use of accommodations, he/she must be registered with the Accessibility Services Department. To do this, a student must:

  • Schedule an appointment with the Accessibility Services Coordinator.
  • Provide appropriate documentation of a diagnosis of a disability. Examples of licensed practitioners that can supply appropriate documentation of a disability include:
    • Educational Diagnostician – Can diagnose Learning Disabilities
    • Psychologist/Psychiatrist – Can diagnose Learning Disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Psychological
    • Audiologist, Otolaryngologist – Can diagnose Hearing loss and deafness
    • Physician – Can diagnose Physical or other health impairment, ADD/ADHD
  • Complete forms:
  • Each semester/session, follow the procedure indicated below:
    1. Contact the ASD office to fill out Accommodations Letters.
    2. ASD office will send the Accommodation Letter to the instructor electronically.
    3. Contact your instructor during the First Week of classes to verify if Accommodation letter was received and if instructor needs any further clarification of your needs.