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Being Pro-active

Student Success

NMSU-A’s diverse student population provides a rich learning environment.

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Being Pro-active

  1. Attend Class
  2. Know your degree plan
  3. Attend Class
  4. Visit with an advisor
  5. Attend Class
  6. Complete a Star Degree Audit at the beginning and ending of each semester
  7. Attend Class
  8. Visit the Academic Support Center
  9. Attend Class
  10. Utilize your instructors’ office hours
  11. Attend Class
  12. Ask questions
  13. Attend Class
  14. Join a support group, organization, or study group
  15. Attend Class
  16. Don’t just memorize material; apply concepts to your own life
  17. Attend Class
  18. Complete readings and assignments before class
  19. Attend Class
  20. Don’t Give Up!