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NMSU-A Aggie Jargon

Student Success

NMSU-A’s diverse student population provides a rich learning environment.

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NMSU-A Aggie Jargon

  • ADH Assistant Division Head. This person(s) assists the division head.
  • Aggie/Pistol Pete – This is our University team name and mascot.
  • ALHA When you have a course with the classroom designation beginning with ALHA, this means you have enrolled in a course on Holloman Air Force Base. This also means you need to apply for a pass prior to the start of class. Contact the admissions office for more information.
  • ASC Academic Support Center. Need help? Start here.
  • Banner This is where you find pertinent information about you. You can view your unofficial transcripts, update your contact information, and check your e-mail. You can also register online for classes.
  • Canvas LMS used to access online/hybrid courses.
  • CB Classroom Building. These are the classrooms surrounding the Patio Area.
  • Class Schedule This is a smaller book containing the dates, times, and places that courses are offered. This is used to plan your current semester schedule.
  • Course Catalog This is a book that contains important information about the university, degree plans, and descriptions of courses. This is used to plan your college career.
  • DH Division head. The person who holds this title oversees certain division within the university. There are currently three on this campus.
  • FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This application needs to be completed for each scholastic year (i.e.; Fall 2011/Spring 2012)
  • Glass House This is the room on the Westside of the Patio Area encased in glass. This area is there for you to sit and study, relax, and meet with friends. Occasionally, a student organization will hold meetings here.
  • ICT Information and Community Technologies. This is who to call when you are having Banner and/or Canvas login issues; 575-646-1840.
  • Instructors The person who teaches your course(s)
  • LTC Learning Technology Center. This office is located in the CB on the south end of the patio. This is the place to go to get help learning Canvas and other issues.
  • LMS Learning Management System. (i.e., Canvas)
  • – This is the University portal to the Banner system.
  • SS – Student Services. Student Services is located in the same building as the bookstore (upstairs). Student Services encompasses Admissions, Financial Aid, Advising, Student Success office, and Student Organizations.
  • Star Audit – A Star Audit is an informative way to track your process to a degree. You will need to activate your account to access this tool.
  • Student YOU!
  • Syllabus/Syllabi This is a document that instructors give to students which contains important class and university information. This document is a contract between the student and the instructor. More than one syllabus are syllabi.