Pete Eidenbach


College Professor

This is my general website where I will keep you and the world updated about my projects, classes, opinions, and events.

My other pages include:

  • Indra’s Catch, by Demogoras the Navigator which contains the best peices (or fish) in the virtual sea. Originally, Indra’s was posted in the now defunct NMSUA newsletter. I will add these old (but updated) links as an archive and alert you to new web sites that I find on my perambulations.
  • Tiopete’s Lodge, my virtual faculty office, contains course pages, essays, and free PDF publications.
  • The Virtual Register of Historic Places in Second Life provides lists and slurls for virtual World Heritage Sites, National Historic Landmarks, National Register of Historic Places, and Second Life Landmarks which existed or still exist in the virtual world of Second Life where, this past Fall semester, I taught my Introduction to Historic Preservation (ANTH 118 at NMSUA).
  • New Mexico History, a companion page to my WebCT class, which will post links to all the online resources used in the class, all free!!