Historic Preservation in Second Life

Hello again, campers.

Last April I presented a paper at the Second Annual Virtual Worlds: Libraries, Education and Museums Conference in Second Life.

hereis a link to my presentation:virtual-heritage-preservation.

In Fall ‘09 I again taught my Historic Preservation Class online in the virtual world of Second Life. Have you discovered the multi-user virtual world of Second Life, yet? If so, much of this will be redundant. If not, you are in for a treat!

Second Life <secondlife.com> is NOT a game (although you can play games of all sorts there). Second Life (or SL) is a whole world built by its residents whose numbers are estimated at about 10 million people worldwide. Typically, some 75,000 people will be signed in (in-world) at any particular time. At the moment, SL includes about 400 square miles of real estate on seven continents and innumerable islands. It is already big enough that no one will ever see it all. And SL supports full voice so you can talk to other people (or actually their avatars). Its much more fun than the telephone.

Second Life is FREE!!! unless you want to own land (but you don’t need any!).
and anonymous, unless you want to reveal who you are in RL (Real Life).

All you need is a strong internet connection (DSL is best) and a reasonably powerful computer (check the requirements on the SL main page).

Once you sign up, you will learn to communicate; manage all the free stuff (clothes, tools, gadgets, even pets) you accumulate; walk, teleport, and fly; learn to search for people, places and events (like free lectures, concerts, shopping, etc.); and customize your (your avatar’s) appearance.

My Introduction to Historic Preservation in SL had a limit of 25 students. We will get to explore SL, visit places like the Sistine Chapel, Statue of Liberty, Yankee Stadium (where you can catch an historic game replayed) and help me continue compiling a Register of Historic Places in SL.

Students learned about historic preservation in the real world while experiencing the latest cutting edge technology in education.

A good place to see the diversity in SL is at Wagner James Au’s New World Notes blog.

If you go in-world, look me up. I’m tiopete Renard in SL.