New Mexico History

This page complements my Blackboard distance ed. course page which is only available to registered students. Most of the free openly available materials used in the course are also listed here for everyone.

The course Syllabus is available as a PDF: NM Hist Syllabus 2010

This page contains several sections, including:
1. New Mexico History Reading List links;
2. some of my own publications;
3. additional New Mexico history resources.

John Kessel’s Kiva, Cross and Crown

A Cuarto Centennial History of New Mexico.   Robert J. Torrez

America’s Priceless Heritage – New Mexico.  BLM

From the Rio to the Sierra: An environmental history of the Middle Rio Grande Basin.  Dan Scurlock

maps: New Mexico Base Maps – NMBGMR

maps: Color Landform Atlas: New Mexico

Clovis and Folsom.   Lamm

graphics: Folsom Point – AMNH

High Rolls Cave: Insectos, Burritos, y Frajos, Archaic Subsistence in Southern New Mexico.  Lentz

Chaco Canyon Virtual Conference

graphics & VR: Chaco – Traditions of the Sun

Gran Quivira.  Gordon Vivian

Little Ice Age.  Mann

2000 Years of Drought Variability in the Central US.   Woodhouse and Overpeck

The Early Western Apache, 1300-1700.  Forbes

Relation of the Reverend Father Frier Marco de Nica

Letter to King Charles I.   Francisco Vazquez de Coronado, 1541

Declaration of Pedro de Bustamente, 1582

Account of the Journey to the Provinces and Settlements of New Mexico, 1583.  Espejo

Record of Marches by the Army, New Spain to New Mexico, 1596-98.  Onate

Revolt of the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico and Otermín’s Attempted Reconquest, 1680-1682 Revolt Part 2

Reversed Colonialism (Comanches).   Hamalainen

Quanah Parker: Last Chief of the Comanches.   Gorman

Calendar History of the Kiowa – 17th Annual BAE – Mooney

Commerciantes, Arrieros, Y Peones: The Hispanos and the Santa Fe Trail (Merchants, Muleteers, and Peons)



Notes of a Military Reconnaissance. William Emory

Hispanos and the Civil War in New Mexico: a reconsideration. D. Miller

The Civil War in New Mexico

A Scout with the Buffalo-Soldiers. F. Remington

In search of an elusive enemy: the Victorio Campaign. Gott

History of New Mexico: Its Resources and People – Anderson.

The Stockman and the Carpenter – Eidenbach

A Brief History of White Sands Proving Ground, 1941–1965. Eidenbach