Second Life Heritage Resources

This page provides course materials and a variety of Second Life history and geography resources, primarily for my students but open to all for their personal use.

Syllabus: Intro to Historic Preservation – Fall 09

Compact Primer in Historic Preservation

Geographic History of Sansara Continent

Class Schedule Fall 2009

Intro Historic Preservation Lecture Outlines:

SL Register of Historic Places Short Form:
NEW Microsoft Word .doc format: SL Historic Register Form
NEW PDF format: SL Historic Register Form (PDF)

an example of the SL Register form,
documenting the Barcelona Pavilion featured in the Walkabout project below
an example of the first home project, Walkabout, is attached here: ple-walkabout

Second Life Maps and Geography

the key SL map sites at the moment include:

SLMaps – Maps of Second Life
SLMaps has an extensive collection of historical maps

nand Nerd: Map API
nand has continent maps that link directly to individual sims

mappa novus
Mappa Novus tracks real estate transactions, has a free map, and will (for a small price) allow you to download high quality, up-to-date map images that can be printed out in full color

You can look up sims by name at Second Life Surveyor, and get the grid coordinates to input into the
OZ map, or
use the sim name in the SLurl Link Site.

You can also explore the approximately 13,543 sims by name at
SL Buzz
if you use SL Surveyor, SLurl or SLBuzz while in-world you can choose to teleport directly to that sim.

finally, here is a regional map of the Sansara continent: