Tiopete’s Lodge

Welcome to my virtual home at New Mexico State Univ. Alamogordo. I also have a real office in the Faculty Building where I hold real-time office hours.

I am Professor of Anthropology and New Mexico History and have taught as a “temporary, part-time. adjunct, etc.” every semester for the past 25 years. I also teach in the virtual world of Second Life. My virtual office and classroom are on NMSU Aggie Island. My avatar is named tiopete Renard.

Fall semester will start in August. I will be teaching New Mexico History online
and have posted links to all the readings on my New Mexico History page.


Downloadable open courseware textbooks for my Second Life Introduction to Historic Preservation include:

Preservation Links

Compact Primer in Historic Preservation

Geographic History of Sansara

Syllabus: Intro to Historic Preservation – Fall 09

Intro Historic Preservation Lecture Outlines:

SL Register of Historic Places Short Form:
Microsoft Word .doc format:sl-registershortform1
PDF format: sl-registershortform

an example of the SL Register form,
documenting the Barcelona Pavilion featured in the Walkabout project below
an example of the first home project, Walkabout, is attached here: ple-walkabout