Tiopete’s Major Publications

Major Publications on file in the Townsend Library

2010 Images of America: Alamogordo.

2009 Register of Geographic & Historic Places in Second Life. (free online).

2009 The West That Was Forgotten: Historic Ranches of the Northern San Andres Mountains, NM (revised). Pioneer, vol. 12. no. 1.

2008 Compact Primer in Historic Preservation. (free online).

2008 The Geographic History of Sansara Continent (Second Life). (free online).

2003 Dust of the Drag – 2002 Archaeological Excavations at the Oliver Lee Ranch (with Gerow).

2002 The Slight Digression – a Literary Companion to Eugene Manlove Rhodes’ “Bransford in Arcadia.”

2001 Dog Cañon Military Papers. (ed.).

2001 Cartridges of the Lee Ranch (ed.).

1997 A Brief History of White Sands Proving Ground, 1941–1965. (free online).

1997 School Days—Education During the Ranching Era on WSMR (with L. Hart).

1994 A Number of Things: Baldy Russell, Estey City, and the Ozanne Stage (with R. Hart).

1994 Homes on the Range—Oral History of Ranching Families on WSMR (with Morgan).

1983 The Prehistory of Rhodes Canyon, N.M.

1982 Inventory Survey of the Lower Hidden Mountain Floodpool, Lower Rio Puerco Drainage, Central New Mexico.

1981 Two Prehistoric Solstice Observatories in the Sacramento Mountains, Southern New Mexico.

1981 Archaeological Reconnaissance in White Sands National Monument, New Mexico, 1978 (with M. Wimberly).

1979 Reconnaissance Study of the Archaeological and Related Resources of the Lower Puerco and Salado Drainages, Central NM (with M. Wimberly).

1973 Technical Manual: 1973 Survey of the Tularosa Basin: Research Design. (senior author/ed.)