Come Fly With Me!

admin | December 2, 2009

During Spring ‘09, I offered a new class called Cyberspace Communication. We met in the virtual world of Second Life and, I must say so myself, it was a great success!

Back, by popular request, I will be offering Cyberspace Communication, but with a twist, Intercultural Communication in Cyberspace in a 16-week session with no texts! I invite those of you whom we call early adapters to come find out what the excitement is all about. Learn about how to communicate effectively interculturally by practicing in the virtual world of Second Life, choosing your own culture to be a part of and share with the class via experiential activities.

The class, COMM 291-A20, will meet online once per week on Sunday evenings from 6-8 PM. Join me for a new, innovation classroom experience! And, yes, you can fly, and will (with or without wings).

Call me, Wanda Wakkinen, AKA Dolphina Questi, at 439-3752, e-mail me at, or come by my office (FOB 109) for more info.

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