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Admission Application Deadline 16-week/1st 8-week sessions: Jan 11-13. Classes start Jan 25, 2021.
Admission Application Deadline 2nd 8-week session: Jan 14-Mar 1. Classes start March 19, 2021.
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Procedures for requesting proctoring of exams

TAF Submission Procedure

Fill out the Test Administration Request Form (TARF) – External Campus with complete information, including any passwords needed for exam, type of exam (paper, web), and any special information needed to proctor exam. The student’s name in full must also be submitted on the TARF. The Instructor is to read “Faculty Responsibilities” on the Testing Center website before submitting the TARF.

Sending and Receipt Confirmation of TARF

Email TARF to the Testing Center, . Once the Testing Center has received the TARF, a response will be sent to the sender to confirm that the TARF has been received and filled out correctly. If ALL critical fields have not been completely filled out, such as the very first paragraph found under ” ***NOTE: ALL applicable fields MUST be filled in order for form to be accepted”; and also under “Other Instructions/Comments”, the application for proctoring the exam will not be accepted.

Sending Exam to Testing Center

  • The Instructor will then either send exam by email or mail paper test packet to the Testing Center, making sure to identify the student(s) to be taking the test. Student’s email contact information is to be included so that the Testing Center may inform student when their test has been received and available for them to take the test.
  • It is strongly encouraged for the student then make an appointment with the Testing Center for a date and time to have the exam proctored to ensure the student arrives with enough time to take the test before closing hours and so that the Testing Center is prepared to serve the student with seating accommodations. All contact information is provided for at the above web link. The Testing Center reserves the right to deny proctoring an exam if there is not enough time to take the test when the student arrives.
  • A “Proctor Cover Sheet” with instructions for proctoring and sending back the test will be provided by the external college.
  • The external college will need to alert their student that proctoring fees may be collected at the time of the test. The student can contact the Testing Center to confirm if any fees apply to their exam.
  • The external college will inform the student to read the Student Responsibilities, that is available on the Testing Center webpage.

Returning Exam Back to External College

  • After the student has successfully completed their exam, the Testing Center will send exam back to Instructor. Our Testing Center prefers to scan and send PDF version of test in place of faxing for better quality of product received. The original exam will be sent back if required to do so.
  • In either or both scenarios, the external college will confirm receipt of exam(s) by the Testing Center.
  • If there are any questions, please email the Testing Center at or call at 575.439.3853. Please note it may be easier to email us with your inquiries to better serve you.