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New Mexico State University


Spring 2022 classes start January 12.

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New Student Orientation

  8:15 –   8:25  Opening Statement
  8:30 –   9:15  Academics
  9:15 – 11:30  Campus Tour *
11:30 –   Advising


  • All NMSU-A students typically end up taking an online course at some point as they pursue their degree or certificate. This session will provide information about the myths of online education and inform students with the advantages and disadvantages to taking online classes. A short online readiness survey is administered and information is given on what should be done so students are ready when their schedules require taking an online class.
  • An Instructor led session that provides practical reference material and instructions about courses, grading, adjusting to university classwork and a list of campus resources for all types of academic assistance.
  • A session on Canvas access, navigation, and how to effectively interact with the variety of tools used in Canvas. If you have a technology requirement in one of your classes, this session will prove to be most helpful.

Campus Tour

Participating in a campus tour is one of the best ways to experience NMSU-A! Supportive faculty will walk you through a variety of labs (biomedical, chemical and biology), Academic Support Center, Financial Aid, Student Union, Barnes and Noble Bookstore and much more!
*The campus tour will involve walking, standing and stair climbing. If you need assistance, please notify Student Services at 575.439.3854 or 575.439.3855.


Students will have an opportunity to activate their MyNMSU account and then register for classes. Advisors will be available to help students plan their schedule. Faculty will also be available to answer any questions students have regarding their area of study.