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New Mexico State University


Admission Application Deadlines:

Summer 2021 10-week/1st 5-week sessions: April 8 - May 17. Classes start May 26, 2021.

2nd 5-week session: April 8 - June 22Classes start July 1


Fall 2021 16-week/1st 8-week sessions: April 8 - August 9Classes start August 18.

2nd 8-week session: April 8 - October 4Classes start October 13.

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Concern Assessment and Response (CARE) Reporting

If you have a concern about a student’s physical/emotional/etc. well-being please report it to the Office of the Vice President for Student Success immediately. You can also use the forms on the NMSU Care team webpage. If you do report through one of these forms, please also notify the VPSS to confirm that the CARE Team received it. If the person you are reporting is in imminent danger of harming themselves or others, please call 911 immediately!

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Success, Anne Ricksecker at or 575.439.3717.

Note: If there are academic concerns about a student, please follow the protocol and notify the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Mark Cal, , 575.439.3621 using the appropriate form.