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Class Schedules

For the most current course information, go to the online course schedule.

Use the NMSU Course Schedule look up tool (web version) to view classes online. This search tool shows courses offered on all NMSU Campuses by term and subject and will allow you to see the numbers of seats available and the number of students enrolled for each class. Please note that this link will take you to an NMSU Las Cruces Campus web page, select Alamogordo Campus to see what we offer.

Course Listing Information

Below are charts to help you understand the information in the course schedule.

FALL/SPRING SEMESTER SECTION INFORMATION The class section designator contains information regarding Alamogordo Classes. The letter A stands for the Alamogordo Campus. Number definitions:
A01-A19Sixteen week (full semester) onsite classes
A20-A26Sixteen week web classes
A27-A29Sixteen week hybrid classes
A30-A39Independent study classes
A40-A491st eight week onsite classes
A50-A561st eight week web classes
A57-A591st eight week hybrid classes
A60-A692nd eight week onsite classes
A70-A762nd eight week web classes
A77-A792nd eight week hybrid classes
A80-A89Short courses – onsite
A90-A96Short courses – web
A97-A99Short courses – hybrid
TIME: Military Time (24 hour clock) is used to avoid confusion between day and evening classes.
12 Hour24 Hour
1 a.m.0100
2 a.m.0200
3 a.m.0300
4 a.m.0400
5 a.m.0500
6 a.m.0600
7 a.m.0700
8 a.m.0800
9 a.m.0900
10 a.m.1000
11 a.m.1100
12 Noon1200
12 Hour24 Hour
1 p.m.1300
2 p.m.1400
3 p.m.1500
4 p.m.1600
5 p.m.1700
6 p.m.1800
7 p.m.1900
8 p.m.2000
9 p.m.2100
10 p.m.2200
11 p.m.2300
12 Midnight2400
Days Abbreviations
AL means Alamogordo Campus; S means location is an off campus site.
ALACArt Center
ALCBClassroom Building
ALFARohovec Fine Arts
ALFOFaculty Office Building
ALSCScience Center Building
ALTCTays Center
ALTETechnical Education Building
ALTLTownsend Library
S-ADSAcademy Del Sol
S-ALGCGerald Champion Regional Medical Center
S-ALHAHolloman Air Force Base
S-ALHSAlamogordo Senior High School
ALONWBOnline/web-based classes
ALNCRNo Classroom Required