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Admission Application Deadlines:

Summer 2021 10-week/1st 5-week sessions: April 8 - May 17. Classes start May 26, 2021.

2nd 5-week session: April 8 - June 22Classes start July 1


Fall 2021 16-week/1st 8-week sessions: April 8 - August 9Classes start August 18.

2nd 8-week session: April 8 - October 4Classes start October 13.

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NMSU-A Consumer and Student Achievement Information

Annual Enrollment 2019-2020
Credit Students (Full-time – 25% and Part Time – 75%) 3025
Non-Credit Students 328


2019-2020 Student Demographic Profile
Distribution by Gender (IPEDS 12 Month Enrollment 2019-2020)
Percent Female 63%
Percent Male 37%
Distribution by Race/Ethnicity (IPEDS 12 Month Enrollment 2019-2020)
Nonresident Aliens 2%
Hispanic/Latino 49%
American Indian or Alaska Native 3%
Asian 1%
Black or African American 5%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander <1%
White 35%
Two or More Races 2%
Unknown Race or Ethnicity 2%
Distribution by Age
Average age 27.2
Median age 23.3
Distribution by Financial Aid
First-Time Students receiving Pell Grant 52%
First-Time Students receiving any financial aid 78%
Distribution by Academic Type
Academic or Transfer 85%
Career Technical Education 11%
Developmental Education 4%
Retention Rates

Most Recent IPEDS Retention

Student Retention Rate as reported in the most recent IPEDS Fall Enrollment Survey (Fall 2020)
Fall 2019 Cohort of First-Time, Degree Seeking Students
Full-Time 55%
Part-Time 30%


Retention Rates By Program

Percent of FIrst-Time, Full_Time Students Retained to the specified semester
(Three year average based on most recently available data)
All Programs 76% 57% 47%
Career Technical Programs 73% 56% 47%
Academic and Transfer Programs 80% 58% 47%


Graduation and Transfer Rates

Most Recent IPEDS Graduation and Transfer Rates

Student Graduation & Transfer Rates as reported in the most recent IPEDS Graduation Rate Survey
Fall 2017 Cohort of First-Time, Full-Time , Degree Seeking Students
Graduation Rate 16%
Transfer Rate 9%


Graduation Rates By Program

Percent of FIrst-Time, Full_Time Students Graduating Within a Given Time Frame After Starting College
(Three year average based on most recently available data)
All Programs 5% 12% 15% 16%
Career Technical Programs 5% 7% 7% 7%
Academic and Transfer Programs 5% 10% 14% 14%

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