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New Mexico State University


Attention New Students: If you are experiencing technical issues when you login to your MyNMSU account, please contact 575.439.3600 or 575.646.1840 or e-mail
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Class Visits

We welcome you to bring your classes to the library! You may bring your classes in for either brief library tours, more in depth instruction sessions, or simply time for your students to work on their own and utilize our resources. Our basic instruction sessions offer a general overview of library services and online resources, including the library catalog and subscription databases. We can also work with you to tailor each session to match your assignments and class research needs. Feel free to call us at 439-3650, drop by, or fill out our web form below to schedule a visit.

Policies concerning Class Visits

  • Instructors must contact the library before their class visits the library. We request that you give us at least a one week notice for instruction sessions.
  • Instructors, or an appropriate substitute, must accompany the class and be present during the visit. Experience has demonstrated that students stay more focused when instructors are present.

Library Visit Request Form

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