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Faculty & Staff

This page is designed to provide faculty and staff with procedures including forms and documents for online education.

2016 Progress Report of Distance Education Delivery

This document includes the report submitted to HLC in the fall of 2016 to show the progress of distance education.

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Distance Education Guidelines Manual

This manual is a guide to all the procedures established for online education. It also references all required documents pertaining to online education.

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Do I Need a New Review?

This document includes a checklist of items that will help in determining whether a new review is necessary or not.

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Online Observation Document

This document is used when supervisors observe faculty teaching online courses.

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Online Pre-observation Document

This document is to be completed by the online faculty member and submitted to the supervisor before the observation.

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Online Instructor Inventory

This is a self-assessing inventory that faculty considering teaching online can take to see if the faculty member has the necessary skills and characteristics to teach online courses.

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Online New Course Development Statement

This document must be completed and submitted to the Director of Online Quality Assurance when it is determined that a new online course will be developed or converted from one format to another.

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Process for Ensuring Quality of Online Courses

This document includes information on the steps taken to ensure that the QM approved courses are taught and that Master Course integrity is maintained.

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Template Homepage

This document explains the required homepage for all online and hybrid courses, including a screenshot.

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Training Events

This page provides a list of upcoming training activities and links to videos of past training events.

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