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Quality Delivery

We understands that delivery is as important as design! With that in mind all, faculty teaching online or hybrid courses go through training focused on online course delivery. The college has also adopted research based online delivery standards written by our faculty. Our faculty members who follow these delivery standards will be more effective in utilizing a well-designed course.

All online and hybrid faculty members are expected to adhere to these delivery standards.

NMSU-A Online Delivery Standards

Download the NMSU-A Online Delivery Standards.

What defines NMSU-A’s online learning experience for students? The design will be defined by the Standards of the Quality Matters Rubric; however, the delivery of that well-designed course must also be defined. Instructors must actively participate or demonstrate presence in the course on a consistent basis, multiple days per week.

The desire is for faculty to model engagement expected of students. Students are more successful when they actively participate in any course. When students see their instructor actively engaged, the students are, in turn, more likely to engage with the instructor, the course activities, and their peers. Thus, faculty should plan to model engagement in the course that is expected of their students. Students have the right to know that their instructor, an expert in the discipline, is teaching the course in which they are enrolled.

The Department of Higher Education (HED) requires that all online courses include “regular and substantive interaction.” As published in an article by the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies, the Office of the Inspector General has determined in order to meet that requirement, four criteria must be met:

  • Interaction must be initiated by the instructor.
  • Interaction must be “regular” and probably somewhat frequent.
  • Interaction must be “substantive”—of academic nature.
  • Interaction must be with an instructor that meets accrediting agency standards.

Presence in the online classroom must include general communication to the class as a whole along with timely feedback to the individual student. At NMSU-A presence means:

  • delivering the instruction personally, not simply from outside resources such as the textbook, publisher created material and external websites;
  • giving meaningful feedback by completing a rubric with specific comments; and
  • engaging in real-time interaction with students within the course.

The student must absolutely know there is an instructor teaching the course and directing the learning.

In an effort to ensure these criteria are met, to help create an interactive environment like the one found in a face-to-face course, and to ensure NMSU-A students know and benefit from strong instructor presence in their online courses, delivery standards have been identified.

In order to achieve this best practice, the instructor will:

Now that you have been introduced to the delivery standards, it is important that you can see that the delivery standards work together holistically in ensuring instructor presence and a high-quality learning environment for students.

Standards can and should be used together. For example, an announcement can provide a weekly interaction with the entire class while encouraging student-to-student interaction, providing substantive academic information, and connecting learning.

NMSU-A’s delivery standards will help ensure instructor presence, engagement, and provide quality online instruction for our students.

*Short-term course would include any course 8 weeks or less. Anything that occurs weekly in a full-term course needs to be adjusted to 3 to 4 days for an 8-week course and 2 days for a 5-week course.