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Student Assistance and Grievance Process

NMSU-A is a Caring Community

New Mexico State University – Alamogordo is a reflection of the region’s vibrant communities – an exciting place to tackle challenges, find answers to important issues and prepare for the future. NMSU-A offers high quality programs of education for all students (full-time and part-time) to include the first two years of a college education to students in their home environment, as well as career technical courses. Of importance to all concerned, NMSU – Alamogordo is a caring and safe community.

Getting the assistance you need and letting us know how we can help

This page lists NMSU-A resources needed to resolve problems that one may encounter. The Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs provides an online form that can be used to submit concerns or request help.

Form to Report Student Concerns

Safety Concerns

Your safety is important to the university. The following departments are ready to assist you:

  • For any emergency situation where you or someone else needs immediate help, call 9-1-1. (On-campus phone dial 8-911) The emergency services dispatcher will send the appropriate assistance.

  • Environmental Health and Safety

    Concerns about general safety (related to a facility, such as a stair tread that is loose, a tree limb that is hanging down, or lighting that is out) at NMSU-A, and investigations into worker injuries.

    Nonemergency number: 575.439.3611

  • Security Department

    Handles crime prevention, routine police patrols, investigations, and emergency response for criminal incidents, traffic crashes, weather emergencies, and emergency notifications.

    Nonemergency number: 575.439.3634

Academic Grievances

In accordance with the NMSU-A Student Handbook Student Social Code of Conduct complaints related to grading and other academic issues, such as unfair treatment (not related to unlawful discrimination or harassment), should be directed to the individual or department most directly involved in the situation. Any student (whether currently enrolled or not) who believes that they have been unjustly treated within the academic process may proceed as far as necessary in the steps detailed in the Handbook.

The initial step is to appeal to the faculty member that is most directly involved in the matter. The student is to submit a written appeal to the faculty member within 30 days after the start of the semester following the semester in which the alleged grievance occurred. Semester in this case refers to fall and spring only. If the alleged grievance occurs during the summer session, the student is to submit an appeal no later than 30 days into the fall semester following the summer session in which the alleged grievance occurred. The faculty member and the student are to discuss the problem. The faculty member will submit a written report outlining their decision to the student and department head or appropriate unit designee within ten working days of receiving the student’s written appeal.

Should the alleged grievance not involve a faculty member or course, the student is to appeal directly to the department head or Vice President for Academic Affairs. (575.439.3621)

Non-Academic Grievances

In accordance with the NMSU-A Student Handbook Student Social Code of Conduct any student who believes that he/she has been treated unjustly in a non-academic area, not involving a contractual agreement, can file a grievance as long as the Code of Conduct has not been violated. The purpose of this policy is to allow the parties to resolve grievances at the lowest administrative level in a fair and expeditious manner without the involvement of lawyers.

A grievance must be filed no later than thirty (30) days following the time the alleged problem occurred. Failure of University personnel to respond within ten (10) days, at any level in the procedure, will allow the student to proceed to the next step. The channel of appeal for non-academic grievances shall be: Concerns related to other aspects of your experience at NMSU-A, including disputes such as billing disputes, housing, or other concerns related to administrative departments or related to interactions with NMSU administrative staff, should be directed to the supervisor of the department involved with the concern. Here is a brief listing of some departments that frequently provide services to students:

Phone: 575.439.3600

Phone: 575.439.3600

Business Office
Phone: 575.439.3603

Financial Aid / Veterans Affairs
Phone: 575.439.3600

If you have concerns about administrative staff (as either a student or student employee) and you don’t know who to contact, please contact the Vice President for Student Success.

Fettinger Student Services Bldg.
Room: 203
Phone: 575.439.3716

In addition, concerns related to administrative offices, if you have any concerns related to fellow students and violations of the student code of conduct please refer to the Student Non-Academic Grievance Policy in the Student Handbook or contact the Vice President of Student Success. (575.439.3716)

Discrimination and Harassment

NMSU and its Community Colleges are dedicated to providing equal opportunities in areas of employment and academics without regard to age, ancestry, color, disability, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, serious medical condition, sex, sexual orientation, spousal affiliation or protected veteran status as outlined in federal and state anti-discrimination statutes. The Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) is designated as the office that receives and processes internal discrimination complaints within the NMSU system. To file a discrimination complaint, complete the Internal Discrimination Complaint Form on the OIE Web site or contact OIE by phone or Email.

Office of Institutional Equity
Phone: 575.646.3635
Fax: 575-646-2182
TTY : 575-646-7802
Visit the Office of Institutional Equity Web Site (

Confidential Reporting through EthicsPoint

Allegations of wrongdoing of any kind, including illegal or unethical conduct, violations of Title IX or violations of university policy, can be reported through the confidential reporting line at or 1-866-384-4277.