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New Mexico State University


Admission Application Deadlines:

Summer 2021 10-week/1st 5-week sessions: April 8 - May 17. Classes start May 26, 2021.

2nd 5-week session: April 8 - June 22Classes start July 1


Fall 2021 16-week/1st 8-week sessions: April 8 - August 9Classes start August 18.

2nd 8-week session: April 8 - October 4Classes start October 13.

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At-large Senators

The following are students who are willing to take a leadership role and represent the student body of New Mexico State University Alamogordo as At-Large Senators for the upcoming Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semester.

Student Government Senators appropriate funding to student organizations, decide on major purchases to benefit the study body, represent the student body at major campus events, serve on campus-wide committees, and serve in an advisory capacity to the campus administrators.

The first Student Government meeting is scheduled on Friday, August 25 at 2:00 pm in the Student Government Office in the Student Center/Student Union Building.

Student Government meetings are open meetings. All are welcome to attend. Mark your calendars!

Remember Your Vote is Important!


Orlando Gonzales PhotoOrlando Gonzales
I would like to be more active in the student government. I think it is important to have a voice. I would like to be part of a student government that works towards the growth of our enrollment by making our school attractive to potential students.


Antionette Lovato photoAntionette Lovato
I am driven and focused. I have gained a large amount of knowledge about NMSU-A Student Government over the last semester and I feel I can help make a difference in the upcoming year.


Raymond MartinezRaymond Martinez
My goals is to get students’ voices heard. I would like to see activities for students to participate in. I am good at listening to what others have to say so they can have a better college experience. Also, I enjoy being actively involved with the college and fellow students. I am very hands on and laid back. I try my best to get along with everyone. I have experience with college organizations, overseeing meetings, and helping with organizing events. My main goal is to listen and give the opinions of students. I want to help improve the students’ experiences here at NMSU-A.


Kimberly NickelsKimberly Nickels
I would like to apply to be a member of the NMSU-A Student Government again. I am a current At-Large senator and serve as the Public Relations Officer. I’ve been a student since 2013. I’m going for Graphic Design. I’m part of National Society of Leadership and Success, and used to serve on the Executive Board. This was when the campus had the organization. I’ve been on the Dean’s List. I take education very seriously. I recently got nominated by main campus to join The Society of Collegiate Leadership and Achievement (SCLA). I have done work study for the college in Student Services. I love helping people with their questions, even if I do not know the answer myself. I would like to see my experience of education over the years benefit for new students as they enter the college experience.

Voting has ended – stay tuned for the results