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Most-promising diverse places to work in community colleges - 2019

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Throughout the history of higher education in North America, academic advising has been an essential component of the educational process. Although it has appeared in many forms, transforming itself according to existing purposes of higher education, it has always sought to meet the needs of individual students within the contemporary context of their institutional cultures

(NACADA, 2006, p. 3)

The Mission of New Mexico State University Alamogordo is to provide quality learning opportunities for individuals in the diverse communities we serve.

The Mission of the Academic Advising office is to empower our diverse population to make informed choices for educational planning for life long enrichment.

The Vision of the Academic Advising and Career Services office is to provide a student-centered environment that provides accurate information, opportunities for academic and career success for students, by competent, well-informed staff.

Academic Advisors


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Rose Peñ

Welcome to NMSU Alamogordo and Academic Advising. To help you prepare for your visit with an academic advisor we recommend you read the information below.

Online & Distance Education students have direct access to Academic Advisors. Call or email an Academic Advisor for more information.