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New Mexico State University


Spring 2022 classes start January 12.

Now Accepting Admissions Applications for Spring 2022 - Apply Now!

Certificate Application

A separate application must be submitted for EACH certificate.

To apply for a certificate:

  1. See your Advisor to make sure you have met all requirements.
  2. Complete the application.

You must apply again if you do not meet all requirements by the specifIed time.

The DEADLINE for submitting the application can be found on the Important Dates page. No applications will be accepted after this date.

Certificates will be mailed 4-6 weeks after the last day of classes.

Certificate for which you are applying:*

Year and semester certificate requirements will be completed:


By clicking CERTIFY, I HEREBY CERTIFY that I am a candidate for the certificate indicated on this application, and that I am registered for, or have already met the final requirements for this certificate.*
By clicking CERTIFY, I HEREBY CERTIFY that I understand I will receive my certificate ONLY after all academic requirements have been met.*
By checking this box, you agree that it constitutes your legally binding signature, and that the information you provide is complete and accurate.*

Student ID (800) Number*
Your name will appear on your certificate as it is on your NMSU academic records.
Home Address:*
Mailing Address (If different from Home Address):