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This website is no longer being updated as of January 2022.  Visit for the most current information.


The Choices360 is available to any NMSU-A student interested in career/academic planning.

What is Choices?
Choices is an on-line career assessment. Choices helps you discover your vocational personalities and what careers would work well for your values and work-related goals. Aligning your career field(s) with an NMSU-A degree plan will be clearer, after completing the Interest Profiler in Choices.
  • Interest Inventories
    help in focusing varied interests into potential career opportunities. The interest inventory used is the Interest Checklist in CHOICES.
  • Values Inventories
    focus on what the individual feels are the most important aspects of work. Every person has a values set that needs to be reflected in a job for work to be fulfilling and rewarding. The Work Values Sorter in CHOICES identifies your most important values for use in the Career Search.
  • Skills Checklist/Ability Profiler
    focuses on skills and abilities. This type of search is helpful if a person wants to use skills he or she already possesses in a future career.

To Access Choices Interest Profiler

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Create An Account” located just under the login boxes
  3. Enter Access Key: NM01167 and click next
  4. Choose “College or Postsecondary School Student” located near the middle of the page
  5. Click the Yellow Button entitled “Find”
  6. Highlight “New Mexico State University-Alamogordo” in the lower box and click “Continue”
  7. Verify the school name is in the block and then click “Next”
  8. Complete your personal demographic information, create an account name and password
  9. Review the Privacy Policy, check the acceptance box then click “Create Your Account”
  10. Record your login information, as you will need it the next time you log in

Congratulations!!! You are now able to discover your career preferences!

Interest Profiler

What are Your Interests?
The Interest Profiler will help you decide.

The Interest Profiler will help you analyze your preferences in the workforce. This questionnaire is to help you determine what you like or enjoy rather than access what you already know. Pay attention to the action words like “build” or “help” as well as the job itself.

  1. Sign into Choices at
  2. Find the tab “CAREER PLANNING” under the Choices 360 logo at the top left and above the light blue banner next to the little house. Highlight that tab and click.
  3. To the far right under the “Quicklinks” header and click on “Interest Profiler”
  4. Below the photo/picture click “Get Started”
    1. Answer all of the questions carefully
    2. When finished Choices will break your scores down into six categories, or personality profiles, all based on your interests.
    3. In the lower portion of the page under “Reflecting on your Interest Profiler Results” choose all that apply and “Save.” Take note of the lowest two profiles, as they are areas of interest least desirable to you.
    4. Click on “Matching Careers” at the top right next to “Your Interest Profile”, to see a list of careers that fit your top two profiles.
    5. On the left column under “Refine Your Search” click on “Use these interests in the Career Finder”
    6. In the blue column on the left choose characteristics that are important to you, such as “Education Level;” “Outlook;” “Physical Demand” or other . Within each category you will be able to narrow your opportunities to those that meet your preferences and are of interest to you.
    7. Have fun exploring the various careers!
  5. The Interest Profile will be saved to your portfolio, which you can access in Choices at any time.
  6. Visit our Student Services Career Center and have our Career Advisor assist you with your future career search.

For help to complete your profile or with questions, please call Advising & Career Services at 575.439.3726