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Established in Fall 2006, the QuickConnect program is an early warning and intervention system focused on new first-year students. The program is modeled on using class absences and other instructor concerns as prompts to contact students who may be struggling during the semester. The goals of QuickConnect include promoting responsible class attendance and providing one-to-one intervention to connect students with resources pertinent to their individual needs.

Brief Description

All instructors may participate in QuickConnect by referring students for intervention based upon concerns, both academic and non-academic. The “Faculty Referral Form” from QuickConnect’s home page includes a drop down providing a complete class list which allows you to submit the students name and reasons for referral. The student will then be contacted by a trained “Responder” who will secure resources pertinent to the student’s current need. Instructors will be informed of the outcome of the “connection.”

QuickConnect Guidelines

  • One student per referral. Please do not put a list of ID # in comment box. The referral form uses the ID number to pull all of the student’s info out of the banner system.
  • Please do not leave comment box blank. Please include what you have done or haven’t done to contact the student.
    • If you know they are a dual credit student, include that in the comment box.
  • Please fill out a referral even if you have tried to contact the student. We have other sources we can use to contact them. In the comment box, please include what contact information you used to contact them. By doing this, it allows us to get a response back to you sooner.
  • Please be as descriptive as possible in your concerns with the student so we can address the situation properly.
  • Please don’t put in the box that the student needs to drop the class. Do include why they need to drop, for example; exceeded the allowed number of absences or missed an exam, we can address the situation to allow for correction of the behavior.
  • If you haven’t received a response in two weeks, email Tim Wheeler directly at . DO NOT fill out another referral please. Only fill out another referral if the student is having a different issue or if another has formed after the first was resolved.
  • If you have any questions or would like to be a responder, please contact Tim Wheeler at .

Guidelines for students receiving accommodations

  • If you have students receiving accommodations that are facing issues or not participating in class, please contact Gary in the ASD office (due to regulations) at 575.439.3721 or . If you fill out a QuickConnect referral for the student, please add refer to ASD office in the comments section. It will reach Gary, but it is faster if you contact the ASD office directly.
    • If students receiving accommodations don’t show up for class, please contact Gary immediately to address the issue.
    • Please turn in accommodation letters whether the student attends class or not.

On-Line Form (Login and password required)

For more information or questions regarding QuickConnect, or if you are interested in participating as an instructor or responder, please contact 575.439.3720 or email